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                Siam Steel Service Center Plc., the affiliated company of Siam Steel Group, was established as a Thai-Japanese joint-venture on September 30, 1985. The Company has been set up to manufacture metal components for use in such industries as the construction, automobile, electrical appliance, electronics, furniture industries and etc. The Company has 3 locations;

Factory 1         51/3 Moo2, Poochao Road, Bangyaprak, Phrapradaeng, Samutprakarn 10130, Thailand 

                            Tel. 0-2385-9251-2, 0-2385-9254-6, 0-2385-9258-73, 0-2385-9277,0-2386-8211, 0-2394-4630,


                            Fax. 0-2385-9241, 0-2385-9253, 0-2385-9240, 0-2385-9274, 0-2754-5747, 0-2755-9905

Factory 2         51/11 Moo3, Poochao Road, Bangyaprak, Phrapradaeng, Samutprakarn 10130, Thailand

                            Tel. 0-2394-7845-9, 0-2755-9695-8, 0-2385-9510, 0-2394-7728, 0-2755-9695-8

Factory 3         60/6 Moo3, Mabyangporn, Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140, Thailand

                            Tel. (038) 891-175-8, 891-751-4 Fax. (038) 891-179

Registration     0107537002052

Registered Capital     639,999,880 baht (639,999,880 Common shares with a par value of Baht 1 each)

Paid up Capital           639,997,880 baht (639,997,880 Common shares with a par value of Baht 1 each)

Juristic person which the Company holds at least 10% interest

Company’s name     Siam Steel Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Location     Phuc Dien Industrial Zone, Cam Giang District, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam

Nature of business

                1. Manufacturing of Slitting Steel Coils and Cutting Steel Sheets 

                2. Manufacturing of Blanking, Forming and Bending Steel Parts for Furniture,  Electrical Appliance, Electronics, Construction and Automotive Industries.

                3. Manufacturing of Metal Roofing, Siding, Ceiling, Flooring, Steel Panel and  Accessory Parts.

Investment capital       US$ 630,000 or Baht 25,200,000

Percentage of equity stake    90



The Company sells products and provides services of cutting steel, using machine of highest capacity coupled with state of the art technology to the process of transforming steel sheet and/or coil from 0.25-12 mm. and thickness up to 2000 mm. width with no limit in length.  here are 2 types of the products:

Cutting Sheet which can be tailored made at any length, width and thickness to suit the customers’ requirements.

Slitting Coil which can be tailored made from mother coil specified by customers at any length, width and thickness to suit the customers’ requirements for later use in fabrication process. The Cutting Sheet and Slitting Coil are used in the downstream industries i.e. automotive industry, electrical appliances & electronics industries, furniture industry and other related industries using steel as raw materials in manufacturing processes.


The Company imports coated steel for production and installation services for construction industry. Coated corrugated sheet is used as materials for internal and external construction. The Company imports different types of coated corrugated steel to be pressed, using modern technology, into different shapes and sizes such as roofing, roof frame, siding, ceiling, louver, roof fan, deck plate, and etc.   

The products are durable, aesthetic, light, quick to install, and can be made from various kinds of coated corrugated sheet including

Aluminized Coating,  Galvanized Coloured,  Aluzinc Coloured,  Aluzinc and Galvanized.


For any particular tailored-made steel required by the customer, the Company has the blanking and forming line completed with  the press and bending machine to make any specific ready-made or semi-made in different form of shapes and sizes by pumping metal parts in an instant pieces or semi-instant pieces such as automotive parts, electronic parts and roll-metal packages 

Steel parts manufactured by the Company are used as raw material in many downstream industries.

Construction industry :    For roofing, roof structure, metal deck, metal ceiling, metal window and door frame, metal railing, metal electronic column and metal bridge 

Automotive industry :  For manufacturing of car, van, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, wheels vehicle, aircraft, train and tram.

Electronic Industry :  For manufacturing of dynamo, washing machine, grill machine, toaster, vocal and motion recorder, water heater, air conditioner, television, computer, refrigerator, stereo, electrical rice cooker, electrical calculator, electronic oven and electrical fan

Furniture Industry :  For office furniture, furniture in academic institute, furniture in bank and furniture in shopping mall such  as table, chair, screen, safety box, metal cabinet, shelf and stage 

Other Industries :  For any industries using steel parts as required by the customers.

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